Design & Consultation

More than quality products

The experienced team at Grant Electronics offer the complete end-to-end, custom audio visual entertainment solution. We specialise in:

  • On-plan construction projects, including project management
  • Commercial installations
  • Complete home theatre design and installation
  • Custom AV solutions
  • Pre-wiring services

Our 5-step process

In order to provide you with a custom audio visual solution that makes your home cinema dreams come true we take a tried and tested, step-by-step approach.

Onsite consultation

Understanding your space and what you want to do with it means we can create a custom experience. What’s the room for? Who’ll be using it? How many people usually use the space? Is this for a new or an existing property? Do you already have some equipment or are you looking to acquire a whole new audio visual system?


Here is where we discuss the placement of your equipment, the most aesthetically pleasing – what you’d like hidden or integrated into your decor or what you’d like on display. We can also help you with outdoor speakers that blend into your garden! Our designs are not just for the best function, but also for the best visual result in your home.

Product Selection

We’ll make a recommendation that includes a number of options that takes into account the aesthetics and quality of equipment. We look at things like:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Optimal performance
  • Simple to use
  • Space optimisation through the use of brackets that drop down from a ceiling, or push up from a bench top, or even TVs hung flat on a wall

Project management and installation

This is when all the trades, cabling and equipment come together. You’ll be pleased to know, our extensive home-entertainment installation experience means we plan everything to run smoothly, on time and within budget.

Calibration and performance optimisation

Once you’re connected we’ll test, verify, tune your system, and calibrate your controls to ensure your system is simple to use and all of the functions work properly.

Are you ready to experience a new level of entertainment?

Get in touch with the friendly team at Grant Electronics on 0416 015 943, or contact us